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Al Noor International School

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Al Noor International School is a private educational institution which was established on 6th September 1993 by highly motivated educational enthusiasts with a view to providing education of a very high standard to children of various nationalities. It started with a very humble programme of classes for pre-primary and primary levels in line with modern educational methodology and is consistently maintaining a very high standard of education. Currently it caters to the educational needs of children of more than thirty four nationalities and follows a tri-curricular programme – i.e. British, Bahraini & Indian National curricula.

The chief objective of the school is to provide quality education of an international standard to children of various nationalities. The harmonious co-existence of the children of different nationalities and cultures enables the school to promote effective international understanding by providing them with opportunities to mutually share universally valid ideas, cultural norms, traditions, beliefs, customs etc. and develop a sense of unity among them.

Providing children with opportunities to make learning a pleasure and enabling them to enjoy it both intellectually and emotionally is one of our aims. The modern educational concept of promoting learning to learn has been incorporated into our instructional techniques and methodology. All educational programmes in the school are designed so as to develop essential knowledge, skills, positive attitude and capabilities in each individual child. We strongly believe that education is a powerful instrument which develops strong, potential personalities capable of making a better world.

Al Noor International School Manama Bahrain
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Can i get a review of the fees and also wat type of class will i be in as im 16 years old coming frm Pak to Bahrain n i have completed matric with the grace of Allah. Pls tell me if i can do a class due to which i can get a scholarship for good universities.

May, 2012

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