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ABC Private School

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Upon moving to our new location we are looking to improve our already exceptional program by increasing the number of grade levels offered in order to accommodate our student’s educational progression. This will allow them to complete their primary, middle, and upper school education in a familiar environment with a consistent curriculum as well as a consistency in ethical guidance.

The present enrolment of ABC PRIVATE SCHOOL LLC is approximately 604 students, with a comprehensive strategy to increase this number to 3,000 students over the next (5) five years. We proudly service a multi-cultural student body that is representative of 26 countries, spanning the globe. This element gives our students a distinct advantage in our ever shrinking world in which they will be seeking further education and eventually employment

ABC Private School Abu Dhabi UAE
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this school is the best i actually was a student their but then i graduated their and i went to another school i just wanna say that it is the best school the teacher teaches well the student s are good the principles and the supervisors are good to

September, 2014

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