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Ajman University of Science and Technology

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Ajman University of Science & Technology, in its threefold vision of education, information and investment, aims at providing the community with distinguished graduates capable of handling modern technologies and integrating them in their professional occupations. The University makes available to its students, carefully selected, modern, customized educational and learning tools that are in harmony with the customs, values and requirements of the society. The University endeavors to build bridges between academia and the professional and business community through the implementation of a comprehensive set of standards of tutoring, research, training, expertise and practice in its educational, informational and investment dimensions.

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Ajman university (and I am talking mostly about college of engineering) has its merits and it needs to improve certain aspects. . It has a set of requirements which it needs to fulfill to maintain its accreditation by UAE’s MOHER. The programs cover mostly the academical requirements such as faculty, programs, curricula, academic materials and media, labs, engineering tools, students progress assessment and students’ feedback system. The curriculum of each subject meets internationally acceptable standards. The materials used are from internationally recognized publishers in the respective fields (eg.: wiley, princeton,…).The assessment is highly regulated. Participation in scientific competitions such as sponsored by IEEE is promoted and encouraged.

One of the drawbacks is that the programs need to be shortened and be more specialized in their field, as required by the actual market, which would help students to focus on a specific field and make them more prepared to join the actual market after their graduation, or to further their education if they wish to.

Overall the academic level of the universities in the UAE is monitored by MOHER which is critical for the institutions to maintain at minimum and hopefully improve its educational standards and practices in order to continue and succeed in a competitive environment.

October, 2013

Unlike Alaa, I found education in the Ajman university with lots of draw backs including non useful courses, no researches, no strict rules for laboratories, No support for students in term of communication with research groups or other universities or even companies. No satisfying library, most of the resource books are not available or they are too old.

May, 2011

I loved every second at Ajman University! i think its one of the best universities in the UAE, the dr’s are helpfull, the campus facilities are improving and it provides a good education that will help you in the future.

August, 2010

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