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American University in Dubai (AUD)

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American University in Dubai (AUD), 4 stars - 5 based on 14 votes

Comments for American University in Dubai (AUD)


I have another year left before I graduate and so far the experience has been mixed. The teaching faculty, campus life and fellow students here have been terrific. The university is also just 5 min away from where I stay so the location is ideal. The area I would like to see serious improvement on is their post-graduate programs. This part of AUD gets a fraction of the focus other areas get, especially MBA programs.

April, 2011
Abdulwahab Al Sultan

The time spent in AUD were some of the best years of my life! Not just in terms of learning but also in terms of meeting people from different cultures and gaining life experience. I like how in almost every class we get the opportunity to work in groups and give presentations further developing our speaking and team work skills. As amazing as AUD was, I think that every organization can improve in some way, one way for AUD to improve is to give students more practical classes instead of focusing mostly on theory. Overall, Im honored to have spent my university years over there.

August, 2010

AUD is a place that feels big at times and small at times. Sometimes I will be walking around campus late in the day and feel like I’m the only one around, but other times the quad will be packed. Most of the buildings are near each other.
AUD prides itself on being good at so many things when it’s just okay at some things. However, for the location and size of the school, they manage to get a big volume of students enrolling every semester.

December, 2009

I think i’d be safe to say that AUD has the most culturally diverse student base in comparison to others in the GCC. I used to study at Carnegie Mellon Doha, until i transferred to AUD last year and so far the experience has been great.

They have various clubs students can join, lots of extra-curricular activities and abundant parking space :)

October, 2009

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