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University of Dubai (UD)

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Since being founded in 1997, the University of Dubai (UD) has evolved to meet the changing needs of the business and information systems markets in the MENA region and around the world. UD offers Bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Information Systems Security and Master degrees in Business Administration, Information Systems Management and Law. All programs offered by UD are accredited by the UAE MOHESR and, unlike most universities in the region, UD holds international accreditations that ensure it meets the highest standard in education recognized around the world.

University of Dubai’s Greatest Quality:
The University of Dubai works tirelessly to create a rigorous curriculum based on applied learning, which produces a high quality education to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in business and IT.

  • Programs: BBA, BSc-IT, MBA, MSc-IS, LLM, PhDBA
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University of Dubai (UD), 4 stars - 5 based on 73 votes

How was your Experience?


UD is a place where you can grow and develop your skills, i think any student who is enrolled in it is lucky due to the high outcomes that a student can get.

June, 2014

I graduated from UD on 2007 as CIS, the timing for the class give me the flexibility to work and learn at the same time, the atmosphere of the university was very friendly and the staff was trying to help as the best they can. I like the way that they prepare students to face the work challenge not only to max the academic strength .

August, 2013

UD was a life story, I have enjoyed my time learning there for my bachelor degree and decided to continue my master with them which was a learning adventure.. I highly recommend UD and proud to be one of their students.

August, 2013
Mohammad Abrar

I have been to many colleges across the country but the quality of education at UD is the best among them. The faculty is welcoming and highly professional. The location is good as it is nearby many of students offices and workplaces. I would like to thank University of Dubai for providing that quality of education and with all the best for all faculty members as well as students.

August, 2013
Hasan AlMhejer

The time I spent at University of Dubai will always be cherished, I will always be greatfull to the quality of education that I have been rewarded with. I have created a lot of strong connections that are still strong till this moment of writing this comment. University of Dubai gave me the chance to enhance my skills and career experience because of its flexible class timings it offers, and also their Career development department allowed me to join an intenrship that have alowed me to strengthen my career choices. University of Dubai is definitely the university of choice to who ever is seeking a solid education foundation to secure a great career path and a successful life.

August, 2013

I did finance and banking BBA at the University of Dubai and I graduated in 2012 with honors. It was a wonderful experience mainly due to the support of the faculty, both the teaching staff and the administrative faculty. Most of my professors were highly skilled practitioners in their field, which helpled me and my colleagues to stay up-to-date with the changes in our respective industries.

Socially it was amazing, I made many good friends whom I m still in touch with. The fact that students are very diversified in terms of nationality encouraged me to be more active socially and to learn and experience many different cultures from my classmates. There are many social clubs and extracurricular activities through out the year. I ve even had the honor of representing the university along with a dozen of my friends in one of the intrnational intercollegiate conferences in Hamburg, the trip was enlightning.

UD is equipped with The Center for Management & Professional Development which provides professional certifications and executive management development programs that are key to career success in today’s competitive market. The staff at CMPD are professional and very friendly, and will provide students with any support related to careers or professional development.

August, 2013
Fahad Alradhi

It was a great experience. I am really proud of being a UD graduate as I have learned a lot and it helped me to success in my career life as am currently one of the senior managers in banking sector and that happened only after few years after graduation from the UD.

Big thanks to UD

August, 2013

University of Dubai was a huge life experience. It taught me very well with high qualified faculties in all education fields. i have gained good life friendship with students ,UD staff , facility members and others. i enjoyed my studies and gained high level of education. I am very happy with the success i have had in my career business. i hope all the best for my beloved University.

July, 2013

Just graduated recently with honors in Management! Met some of my favorite professors there and managed to graduate flexibly as a full time employee! Excellent curriculum and UD simply grows stronger every day.

July, 2013
Amina Yamani

I am a graduate from UD and i really enjoyed studying in this university. It has strong certificate and AACSB accredited . All the professor are very helpful and interesting they work hard to make students understand . I wish to complete my MBA also with same university . Wish best to all new register and definitely you will enjoy studying here. Ud also organizes many activities and trips apart from studies and this give a great interest to all for change along the academic year.

July, 2013
Mansoor Bawazir

UD was a life story, I have enjoyed my time learning there for my bachelor degree and decided to continue my master with them which was a learning adventure.. I highly recommend UD and proud to be one of their students.

July, 2013
Ramah Farache

UD is one of the very few universities that has the AACSB accreditation for business school and the ABET accreditation for IT school which means a high quality of education that meets the worldwide standards. This gives UD graduates an advantage over others in the work field.

July, 2013
Khalid Al Rasheed (Alumni)

I am an Alumni of UD, graduated with a BBA in Marketing. This university was among the few I’ve seen whom truly educate and prepare the student on all levels. Academically the Professors of UD give their students a very hands on approach to their education as well as maintaining a balanced professor student ratio allows the student to have more access to the professors for additional assistance and clarification of topics being discussed during lectures.

Socially the university is always playing a big role with the many social groups on campus awareness campaigns have always stimulated debate and conversation among students. Which was always an interesting experience.

Professionally the University emboldens their students on many levels with various businesses whom they are in constant connection with allowing students to have several market professionals pay regular visits giving up to the minute education on all developments and knowledge of growing market trends and issues, as well giving the students a comparison between the academic world and the business world enhances the education process and results in more understanding and creativity.

As well the timing of classes offered allows for even employees students continuing education. To freely fulfill their goal of education without disturbing their career growth in their current jobs. However this accommodation for working students as well proved beneficial by non working students in opening further doors to application of the academics taught and their practical implementation in the work space.

The job opportunities the University continuously seeks out for all recent graduates again helps in aiding the reduction of the unemployment period from graduation till full time employee.

I recommend this university fully to anyone seeking a university education and can say I’m proud to be an alumni.

July, 2013

I have had a great time at University of Dubai! UD has very kind staff who will support you with whatever you need. UD has great doctors who have rich experience and are very respectful and friendly. I have learn alot from my doctors and they were the reason for me to be one of the honored student and a member of BGS the intl. society of honored student. I do appreciate the effort of whole UD team who made us the future leader in our fields.

July, 2013
Mobain Shaikh

This is a no nonsense school dedicated to rigorous education and providing an essential service to Dubai and the UAE. The teachers are helpful an the courses are focused towards providing you essential technical skills which you can directly apply to your work once you graduate. Student to Teacher ratio is perfect besides the teachers giving a personal interest in making you understand the Learning Outcomes.

July, 2013

University of Dubai is a very good university in terms of education and high academic level of standards. I don’t regret joining this university and I can’t wait till I graduate from it :). I’m majored in accounting and hopefully one day I become a CPA. I can see that our university is moving forward and it will keep improving every day. In addition, I’d like to thank our Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid for giving the university a huge campus, thank you for your kindness.

July, 2013

I graduated from UD in 2008 after I spent 3 wonderful years full of good education, knowledge, and great people. Each year since 1997 UD is moving from good position to the greatest.

July, 2013

Am currently a masher student in university of dubai ,, and I already graduated from the same university holding bachelor degree in business management .. UD is a very well known place that the person can reach to a higher level of education and having a very high standared of learning level

July, 2013

I graduated from University of Dubai in 2010 earning bachelor degree in business management. The university is offering a high education system and very educated and well standard instructors. After my graduation from bachelor … UD offered master degree in double major which was a very good movement for UD.. and I regisered. Now I’m a master student in university of dubai and am thinking to finish my PHD in the same university as they will offered the PHD soon. The overall environment is great and the education level is excellent.

July, 2013

I am currently enrolled in the last year of my BBA Management program and have had the pleasure of learning from some of the best professors in the UAE. UD offer its students both the intimacy of a small college environment and the vast resources of a major research university.
UD has matured into one of the best universities in the UAE, undoubtedly.

July, 2013

If you want to know the level of education you have just once to seat with any of faculties as advisor, then you will realize the level of their education and understanding. The support from faculty, method of teaching are one of the best in UAE, UD has been one of fast growing universities in UAE specially avails 2 accreditation.

July, 2013

I am currently studying in the University of Dubai and i’m very proud to be a student here, because UD gives us a very high level of education and knowledge. I know many UD graduates who got higher positions in their job because of UD degree.

July, 2013

I am currently attending UD. I’ve made some great friends here so far and plan on making a lot more. The students are really nice and so is the faculty. I’m studying Marketing and know I will get a great job when I graduate because UD’s degree is one of the best in Dubai. I have talked to some people who already graduated and they work for some of the best international companies in the UAE.

July, 2013

i graduated from University of Dubai in 2006. The University offers and maintain high quality education through its robust curriculum and excellent faculty.
Also the location of UoD, in the heart of the city made it easier for me to work and learn in the same time. I am proud to be part of UoD.

November, 2012

There are very few universities in Dubai that offer the level of education UoD does. I have another year left before graduating and the reasons I am fond of studying here are its close proximity to where I live, the relatively affordable tuition fees and the multi-cultural student base. It is not uncommon to sit in a class with over a dozen different nationalities, which is great for building inter-cultural dialogue & understanding. The only area I would suggest they could further improve is to offer more career counseling services and a greater variety of internship programs.

April, 2010

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