Zayed University, Abu Dhabi Zayed University, Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi, UAE, North campus,Delma St. Al Wahda
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Zayed University, Abu Dhabi

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Zayed University is an educational centre of excellence in an emerging and evolving nation. Proudly bearing the name of the founder of the nation – the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – it stands for innovation, inspiration, and education.

The University was founded to prepare male and female leaders who will provide the knowledge and abilities this nation will need to enjoy a future of security and progress. It offers an academic program that prepares talented, ambitious and enthusiastic students for success in government, the arts, business, media and IT and to meet the challenges of a dynamic twenty-first century world.

The University was founded for UAE National women in 1998, with campuses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Today, the University is educating more than 6,000 male and female students from 19 countires to compete and thrive in a global environment at the following campuses: Abu Dhabi North, Abu Dhabi South, Dubai – Al Ruwayyah, and Dubai – Knowledge Village.

Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the University’s programs are recognized internationally as coming from a quality assured university. You can be sure that your degree is not only highly regarded in the UAE, not only in the GCC, but globally. Your Zayed University education puts you on a level playing field with students from around the world studying at other highly regarded university.

At Zayed University, students experience a learning environment that encourages and supports their academic success. The basis for their academic experience is the Zayed University Academic Program Model, which focuses on learning outcomes and assessment. This model provides students with a balanced, connected academic program that makes learning purposes clear, ensures that resources support educational goals, and emphasizes student achievement and success.

The Academic Program Model is supported through a complete educational program including an Academic Bridge Program that ensures student proficiency in English;

  • A general education core curriculum that provides a broad interdisciplinary foundation for major study;
  • In-depth studies in one of five colleges;
  • An internship that provides practical experience for all students;
  • A Capstone experience through which students demonstrate their ability to integrate and synthesize what they have learned both in and out of class; and
  • Periodic assessment of student achievement in the Zayed University Learning Outcomes.  During their freshman and sophomore years, Zayed University students enroll in the Colloquy on Integrated Learning, a core curriculum that provides an intellectual experience shared by all ZU students and that creates a framework supportive of ZU‘s Learning Outcomes.

Through a series of closely related interdisciplinary courses, students develop their abilities in critical thinking, computer applications, information literacy, English, and Arabic. At Zayed University, students have a choice of degree programs designed to meet their personal academic interests and career goals.

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How was your Experience?

Shamma Al O.

Zayed University- love the spirit, the people and the awesome new campus! I’m proud to have had the opportunity to study there and meet some amazing professors. Did my Masters last year and now trying to find any way of going back again, just miss the place so much. Truly an inspiring institution thanks to its leaders and their continuous support!

January, 2013

Love my Alma matter! Have had the opportunity to earn a degree from this reputable institution, have made so many amazing friends along the way and will hopefully go back soon to do my Masters. Go ZU!

May, 2012
Hind bint Abu Dhabi

The best professors I’ve had have been at ZU, some very nurturing individuals here! It may be something others take for granted, but studying in an environment where you feel comfortable and part of a women’s only section; it really makes a world of difference when studies are your main priority. I’ve just toured the new campus and its breath-taking. Thanks to the visionary leaders of our great country for making Zayed University the great institution that it is. I’m due to graduate next year and hope my job prospects are a lot more favorable than they are now.

November, 2011
Al Anoud

Let me first start off by saying, I did NOT want to go to ZU. My parents had forced me to go to this school to be close to home and as a result I hated it for the first year. I didn’t make an effort to make friends, i would only be on campus to go to class and I didn’t care too much for my grades. That all changed as I settled into my comfort zone and got to know the students, professors and enjoyed campus life. Its been a great 2 years for me, I’ve met so many open-minded, innovative and smart Emiratis here. If you focus on the details, you’d realize how hard they work to ensure the late Sheikh Zayed’s vision lives on. May Allah rest his soul. I love this place and cant wait to move to our new campus in a couple of months.

April, 2011

Undoubtedly the best university in Abu Dhabi. They offer their students so much – both academically and professional development. They are also the most reputed college in the capital, hence our career counseling dept does a very good job at getting us students internships and full-time employment with major organizations.

March, 2010
Hala N

Academics are top-notch, as is to be expected. Fields of study and classes within those fields cover a broad range of topics and are taught by incredible professors, many of whom are leading figures in their fields. Class sizes are ideal. Moreover, professors always make extra effort to make themselves available to students and you can ALWAYS find one-on-one time with your professor. I admire Zayed University.

November, 2009

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