Al Ahliya Private School Al Ahliya Private School - Sharjah, UAE, Al Yarmouk, Halwan
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Al Ahliya Private School

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Welcome to Rehab own Sharjah private schools, this Doha Atefio in the shadows of science students hungry for supplying Bzad science and knowledge, and we are pleased dear visitor beloved that roam throughout our schools reap from each grove of orchards fragrant flower, smelt smells everywhere, and taste the fruit of the appetite of the ripe fruit greeting from the heart you dear visitor, and that our hearts and open our hearts to you.

Al Ahliya Private School
Al Ahliya Private School, 3 stars - 5 based on 3 votes

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AL Ahliya private School is a wonderful place to send your kid. The
education is outstanding, the teachers excellent and the house in which
it resides really beautiful. The Open Mind concept, Program and its after-care program are highly recommended.Thank

November, 2013

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