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Emirates Private School Sharjah

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Emirates Private School Sharjah, 4 stars - 5 based on 6 votes

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Neama Hijji

I appreciate your effort to develop our children academically. but I have many complains hoping it will aim to improve the school because I like to keep my children there. we don’t get any notification on the last day of duty or the beginning of the next semester, i have to keep on calling to get the answer. rarely someone answers my calls. most of the mobiles number distributed to us is either switched off or out of services ?????. finally my kid was being trained for almost a month for the celebration of national day, recently i came to know that it will be on 26, nov. I’m doing shift duty i wish i knew before to arrange my duty. it is really bad , in addition the timing was not yet mentioned. i wish improvement will happen , this misscommunication is seriouse

November, 2014

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