Pharos University in Alexandria


The University of Pharos was established in accordance with the latest internationally acknowledged standards and parameters regarding higher education quality, and is Supported with advanced, highly equipped scientific laboratories.

The University has signed a series of cooperation agreements with a number of European and American universities in order to benefit from their advanced modern teaching methodologies and sustainable development in the various fields of science, as well as the application of international quality systems. In accordance with that, many student and faculty staff member exchange programs are organized between PUA and other universities in order to take advantage of the expertise of those universities and achieve further development.

Pharos University aspires to be one of the leading comprehensive universities in the region and across the globe. It strives to meet the needs of the community, cope with the continuing technological development and enhance its students’ educational, professional, research and leadership abilities.The mission of Pharos University is to provide qualitative higher educational opportunities that would enable students to develop advanced knowledge and skills, provide leadership and service to their communities, and improve the productivity of their organizations through the integration of practical, educational and research capabilities.

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug manufacturing – Pharos University-, as a teaching and research institution, aims to achieve a distinguished and leading position among local and international counterparts and to be a leader in development of pharmacy career with outstanding services to community and environs.

The Faculty of Engineering at Pharos University aims at providing an education that is commensurate with national and global engineering standards. The faculty seeks to help its students achieve a world-class level of education and research that can enable them to compete and excel in the local, regional and international labor market.

The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences at Pharos University is looking forward to becoming a prominent faculty of learning and teaching in the fields of business in the region and the world in order to prepare the students for inspiring leadership and modern management and respond effectively to the developments in our interconnected world.

The Faculty of Legal Studies and International Realation seeks to provide educational, research, training and consultation services (legal, national and international). It pursues to have a significant contribution in the development of the society and meet the requirements of the local, regional and international labor markets.

The Faculty of Mass Communication at the University of Pharos aspires to become one of the leading faculties in Egypt and the Arab world by providing a pioneering and unique model in media studies (education, training, and research). Students are encouraged to use the latest technological means and keep up with the current developments in media industry, in order to meet the needs of the local and international labor market.

Faculty of Arts and Design awards a bachelor degree in applied arts. This degree is accredited by both the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Pharos University’s libraries are enriched with the latest books and scientific references covering various field of study. They also are supported with an advanced system of information technology. Besides, the university has a number of spacious study halls specially designed to provide the suitable environment for the students to learn effectively.

The university gives its students the chance to learn several foreign languages such as: English, French, German, and Spanish by means of organizing periodical training courses at the specialized labs inside the Faculty of Language and Translation building. The faculty labs are all connected to the internet and equipped with numerous audiovisual educational materials.

The university has established an outpatient clinic inside the Faculty of Dentistry building, which is highly equipped with the latest medical equipment, and is managed by a selection of the most efficient clinic professors assisted by a professional nursing staff in order to serve the community and the university’s students and staff members at discounted prices.

Pharos University has established an outpatient clinic that is highly equipped with the latest medical equipment, and is run by a selection of the most efficient professors assisted by a professional nursing staff so as to serve the university’s students, staff members, and the whole community at discounted prices.

The Faculty of Engineering at Pharos University has established a number of material testing labs equipped with the latest scientific equipment necessary for carrying out different engineering tests serving industrial and constructional purposes all provided at competitive prices, in addition to issuing certificates of conformity to the manufacturing method of imported mineral products.

A student clinic provides first aid services as well as blood pressure and blood sugar level measurement, as well as transfer of intravenous fluids. The clinic also provides treatment with fever reducers and painkillers.

University Security Department aims to provide a safe environment for its students and staff members. There are a multitude of campus security personnel working to ensure the regularity of life at the university in accordance with university regulations.

The Faculty of Mass Communication at Pharos University issues its newspaper “Voice of Pharos” as a sort of training for the faculty students, so as to become experienced with journalism output editing and understand their community’s needs and issues.

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Courses & Programs


  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Manufacturing


  • Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural

Computer Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer

Electrical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical

Mechanical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical

Chemical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Petrochemicals

Civil Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Construction